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Ways Email Marketing Services Can Benefit Your Startup

25 Aug

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The time has come to start thinking about whether your email campaign needs some help or not. This is a common point many new small businesses encounter at some point. Thinking about the benefits of a third-party marketing service can be almost overwhelming, but important. If you have never experienced an email campaign or are wondering if you need the extra help, here’s a quick premiere on the possibilities an email marketing service can offer you and your business.

A Small Learning Curve

One of the most common struggles of most small business owners, especially in a startup phase, is learning the ropes of marketing. There is a learning curve that extends beyond just the basic terms and theories you have to learn. A part of the learning curve depends on the particular channel or type of marketing you choose at the start.

While paid and social media marketing channels both have their share of complex terms, theories and practices to get started, an email campaign is somewhat different. Starting a good email campaign requires a mix of execution and planning that third-party service naturally brings to the table. By hiring an email marketing service from the start, you can skip the major learning and get right down to the execution with a guiding hand. This can be beneficial financially as well. With help, you will find the time to manage the financial costs or have someone else do it entirely

Monitoring the success of such campaigns is also more affordable with an email marketing service. Dedicated monitoring services that look at quantitative statistics, like how many people click on and view the email, will give you an idea of how it is being received. Service providers can also elicit feedback emails to get responses from recipients directly.


A Direct Connection

One of the biggest disadvantages of most forms of online advertising is the lack of connection they invite. The more involved and meaningful a persuasive message is, the more likely it is to build and enhance the business/customer relationship. Since paid advertising relies on general messages meant for large audiences, it often fails to create this effect. Social media advertising can be too overwhelming for audiences to feel that personal connection as well since there is a greater number of messages they see on a daily basis.

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Email campaigns, on the other hand, have the promise of creating a more personal connection almost immediately. Like regular snail mail, email tends to be more personalized and specific to the actual recipient. Even large email campaigns can create this level of personalization with the help of an email marketing service. Having someone there to help craft the email messaging will give you a more effective campaign.


A Different Form of Advertising

One of the best advantages of an email campaign is the uniqueness factor. Yes, it is one of the oldest forms of online advertising, but it is also less prominent compared to paid and social media marketing. This can be a unique, competitive advantage when it comes to standing out from others.

In short, both paid and social media marketing spaces are competitive. With so many companies vying for the same audience, the slice of the pie grows smaller and smaller with each new business that advertises. Since email is smaller than other campaign formats, you can gain a strategic advantage with the right help.

More often than not, you can reach the same number of potential customers through an email campaign as other, more prominent forms of advertising. An effective email marketing service can help you press the benefits of email.


Making the Most of an Email Campaign

It can seem daunting at first to create a complete email campaign, especially in the initial phase. Having someone to help or do the majority of the work for you will not only make it easier but potentially more effective in the long run.

Good email campaign companies are experienced at what they do. They have made the mistakes, seen the successes, created the automated infrastructure and know the power of email campaigns firsthand. Instead of having to wait and discover these things for yourself, you can benefit from their own experiences to make the process more efficient and affordable while getting an effective marketing platform in the end.

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When it comes to picking a third-party company, do your research to see what they offer. The absolute best are not shy about laying out all the details of what you can expect and how successful they have been in the past.


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