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Three Things to Know Before Launching Your First Email Campaign

15 Aug

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Email marketing campaigns can be some of the most effective advertisements a small business or startup can use when establishing brand recognition and awareness. Many people choose to start or include an email campaign because of lower costs and development requirements compared to other forms of marketing such as social media or paid advertising. For some types of businesses, the dynamics between the customer and the business may even warrant the more personal nature an email campaign can create.

Even though email campaigns have their advantages, it’s important to get a good idea of the overall big picture, including some of the disadvantages an email campaign brings to the table. This is especially important if you’re near the point of launching an email campaign. Knowing what to expect will give you a better peace of mind and even more confidence in executing the campaign correctly from the start, avoiding any pitfalls later on.



Most email campaigns are quite advantageous in terms of how affordable and easy to create they really are, especially compared to other forms of marketing. For example, many startup companies and businesses can quickly set up the advertising infrastructure required for an email campaign. Basically, all you need is a business email to get started. Luxury perks such as automated software and custom designed templates will increase the cost but can remain affordable compared to other advertising counterparts.

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With that said, it is still important to be aware of the costs upfront. These costs will vary depending on the business and the campaign itself. The size of the target audience, for example, will dictate how many messages you are sending out at any given time which can affect the bandwidth of the email server, the scope of your performance monitoring and the type of content you can actually create.


The Importance of Monitoring

Email campaigns can be difficult to monitor compared to paid and social media advertising. This is because these other forms of marketing often have monitoring capabilities built right into their platforms. Google, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Instagram and others have a number of different features that reveal important metrics such as click through rate and retention rate.

Most email campaigns are more difficult in this regard since service providers don’t have these functions built in. This doesn’t make it impossible, however, to see how your audience is responding to the campaign. More importantly, performance monitoring is absolutely necessary if you want to increase the chance of success for the campaign itself without going over budget.

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To do this effectively, start with the one metric you can monitor automatically: the response rate. Keep track of how many people respond and how they respond. The qualitative information–the content they put in the response email–will be more important in the long run to get a sense of how effective the campaign truly is.


Continue to Connect

Try not to assume that an email campaign has to be a one-time thing. Yes, the first impression your initial emails create are the most important when it comes to looking for potential customers. To turn them into loyal customers, on the other hand, will require more from the campaign than just the initial message.

You should think about how the campaign will look in the long run, especially for recipients that actually respond to the email and any calls to action it includes. Have a plan from the very start for these individuals so you don’t miss any opportunities. Ideally, the calls to action should be clear and create a step-by-step process that leads customers from the initial exposure all the way to purchasing your goods and/or services.


Creating a Successful Email Campaign

The beauty about good email advertising is it doesn’t take much to be successful. Following the basics of good marketing such as defining a target audience, planning out the persuasive content and monitoring the performance will all propel an email campaign far towards the finish line.
For the best results, invest in some automation software or email marketing services to take some of the work off your hands. A third-party company, for example, can help you create a good email campaign more quickly than by yourself. They can also take over much of the daily responsibilities such as monitoring or responding to customers.

Whether you have help or do it yourself, stick with the email campaign once you launch it, making changes when and where they are needed. No campaign will be truly successful unless you give it the time and attention it needs to flourish.


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