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Email Marketing Trends to Try During the Holiday Season

25 Sep

The holiday season can be a profitable yet challenging time for small businesses, especially online retailers. On one hand, the holiday season is the time more and more customers are spending money on different, sometimes more expensive purchases. Unfortunately, the greater sales traffic can also increase competition between small businesses.

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If you are a small business owner looking towards the next holiday season, you may be wondering what you can do to increase your chance of a successful sales period during this season. One of the best ways to increase your chance of success is with smart marketing. Good, persuasive communication to existing and potential customers is key to driving traffic into your store during the holiday period, especially if you face some competition. One of the most affordable and simplest ways to do just this is through email marketing. A simple email list can be powerful for generating new business and sales during the holiday season. Check out these email marketing trends you can try during the next holiday season.

Local Email Marketing

It is easy to forget that you don’t have to target every single person in the world with your marketing efforts. This is especially true with email marketing where you have ultimate control over the recipients of the campaign. In other words, you can target any number of individuals in any number of ways.

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One of the most effective tactics for email marketing during the holiday season is local advertising. Targeting individuals in the same geographical location, particularly if you have a physical retail store, reduces the scope of the email marketing campaign and the funds/time required to execute it. More importantly, local advertising also opens up unique content for the holiday season. For example, if a local community has specific holiday traditions or events that go on during this time, you can tailor your email marketing content to incorporate this information. This is also a great way to celebrate different holidays at the same time. Since most recipients are likely to celebrate different traditions, you can create different email messages for different holidays and events.

Promote Membership Deals

Small business owners tend to gravitate towards deals and promotions during certain points of the holiday season. By discounting certain items or offering coupons, you can entice more customers into your business with the promise of savings. With an email marketing campaign, it is easy to promote these types of deals well before the holiday season starts. Taking it a step further, however, are membership exclusive deals. These deals require customers to sign up for some kind of membership (usually free) to get access to even more savings and promotions. This could be as simple as subscribing to a mailing list or an online membership database through your website or social media platform.

Cycle Through Different Content and Promotions

Since the holiday season can last several months, it is important to keep your email marketing fresh and dynamic. For example, if you send a single message the entire season, you’re not optimizing the potential impact of the campaign during the time period. Similarly, if you send the same message and promotion over and over again, customers are likely to grow tired of your marketing efforts.

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Instead, come up with a series of related messages and promotions you can offer throughout the entire period, especially across many marketing channels. Make sure you take into account the timing and order of these different emails. Think about the spacing of the messaging and the scheduling so you can take advantage of specific holidays and their lead ups. Ideally, you should tailor the messaging to specific customers or groups within your target audience where possible. Using advance mailing list software, keep track of different emails to send different messages. This more personalized approach will help you engage with your customers via email in a more personal, authentic way than merely blanketing their inboxes with generic advertising copy.

Enjoying the Season

More than anything else, remember that the holiday season is all about celebration and joy and spending time with friends and family. Your email marketing should embrace and highlight the nature of the season as much as possible. Avoid the temptation to focus too much on the business and the promotions. Instead, remember what the season is really all about. With the right approach and mentality, it is easy to get into the holiday spirit while generating increased sales with greater numbers of customers during this busy time of year.


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