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Case Study One

Case Study One

Power mobility company lowers Direct Mailer costs by nearly 16% with MediaLoop

Power Mobility Company

Industry: Medical Equipment

Media Used: Direct Mail Postcard

Target Audience: Medicare

Date: 2016


MediaLoop’s Direct Mail staff conducted a four month controlled test to evaluate the performance of a high-quality four page glossy mailer against a basic but effective postcards. Results showed how effective a “basic postcard” can be in lowering costs and increasing call rate.


Our team was surprised to find out just how well our basic postcard performed when compared to our four page glossy mailer. Our initial expectations were surpassed in both the decease in cost for the mailers as well as their total effectiveness. Through our testing, we were able to determine that the company’s direct mail cost lowered by nearly 16% and our cost of acquisition dropped from $462 to $265 per booked customer. We also found a 1.3% increase in call rate with a surprising 47% increase in booked customers.

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